I have a problem regarding Juma prayers. Can you please tell me which is the best place to go for Juma prayers from below?

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Masjid A – In this masjid, sometimes whole khutba is in Arabic and sometimes first khutba is in Arabic and second khutba is in English (translation of first one). However, the khateebs here are mostly according to Sunnah i.e. they have a sunnah beard and they keep their clothes above ankles. There is another thing too. Normal time for Zuhr prayers is around 1.00 but at this masjid they give the azan and start the khutba at 12.45 on Juma i.e before the actual Zuhr time has started. Masjid B – This is my University. Here the khateeb changes every week. Sometimes they have Sunnah attire, sometimes they don’t. Also the khutba is almost always in English with some Arabic wordings in the beginning and the end. However, they start the khutba on time. Masjid C – In this mosque the khutba starts on time. What the Imam does is, he first gives first khutba in Arabic, then translates it into English. Then sits down and stands up for second khutba, gives it in Arabic first and then translates it into English. He then makes dua in Arabic as usual. However, problem here is that Imam doesn’t have Sunnah attire i.e. no long beard, no clothes above ankles. Based on the above, can you please advise me which is the best place for me to go for Juma prayers? And as it is summer vacation, I can choose between different places. But once University starts again, I will have no choice but to attend Friday prayers at University. In that case, will my Friday prayers be accepted?


If in Musjid ?A?, the Adhaan is given before the time of Zawaal, then Salaat shouldn?t be performed there. If it is after Zawaal, then perform Salaat there. ?B? and ?C? are in similar sin.

If you have no where else to go, then perform Salaat at your university. Insha Allah, it will be accepted.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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