Toilet worries:Q1: What if whilst washing one’s hands in a sink/basin some of the water splashes back.

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Q1: What if whilst washing one’s hands in a sink/basin some of the water splashes back. This is nearly inevitable (I don’t think there is anyway to prevent this from happening…at least not in my case, or so I think). Is that water considered impure? One can’t throw away one’s clothes and take a bath each time one uses the toilet and thereafter washes one’s hands in the sink/basin. Q2: When one sits on a WC….isn’t the seat considered unclean? I mean there could be (though one can’t be sure) splashes on the WC seat caused by flushing, etc. What about other people’s urine, etc….there can always be droplets there. So is it considered clean? Q3: Today whilst walking on the street after Asr prayer…I felt my urine drops come out. I always place a toilet paper around my penis due to this problem. When Maghrib time came…I merely threw that toilet paper away and sprinkled a little water on my underwear without washing my penis (it was dry because I had wrapped the toilet paper around it). Thereafter I did wudhoo and prayed Salah? Was my ablution and Salah valid?


1. The splashes whilst washing your hands in the hand basin is not impure.

2. You may wipe the seat with tissue before using it.

3. The ablution and Salaat was valid.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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