My friend and I love eachother and did zina. We dcided to get married but our family has become an obstacle, she’s sacrificing her love for others

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I?ve known a girl for the past 2years,we came really close 9 months ago &comitted zina. A month after I got into a car accdent which resulted in a spinal injury & has left me paralyzed. There is a chance that I may walk again,inshAllah.The girl stayed with me throughout the time I spent in the hospital/rehab. She took care of me like none other & we love each other dearly. Realizing the love we share we decided that we want to get married but we haven?t told our famlies. She’s 3 years older than me & I?m only 19years old. Her famly is consrvative and most imprtntly,her cousin,who she lives with, is my best frnd. I fear that if I tell me friend he will not accept us and that he might end our frndship. My sister,a good frnd of hers,confrnted her & told her that she is sickened by how we fell for each other & how she’s older. Plzz tell me if we should still pursue our relationshp & tell our families because I know for certain that my family is wiling to accept her because of her strong character but I fear that her family might create a problem. Or should we drop evrything? Even though it is really hard for me to live without her. I have started paying attn to Islam especially after the accident &share the info between ourselves. We ask for forgvness for our zina & have done tawba. I know that the girl loves me &after my sister`s coments,she is ready to stop it all. She’s not selfish at all n doesn’t want others to be unhappy cuz of us. Please guide me in the light of Islam


Jazakallah for writing to the institute regarding your problem.

The most practical route to take is to ask your parents to approach her parents with an official proposal. Tell your parents that you have both been seeing each other for a long time and that according to Sharia, you should rather get married than to go on being in a relationship wich is not acceptable in Islam. Explain to your parents that you have both moved closer to Islam during this time and that you do not find your age difference a problem.

Have a chat with your sister and explain to her that you do not have a problem marrying a woman who is three years older than you as it is not a big age gap. Try to approach the situation calmly and patiently. May Allah Ta’ala guide all your family members towards arranging your Nikaah as soon as possible. Ameen.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best


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