I want to know the signs wht is good and bad when we have a dream after the istikhara. As i had a dream and its full of confusion…

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I had a pretty weird istikhara (predict). Hmm in my dream i see some white snow on some kinda mountain then I start walking so tht I can get off it. When I try to get off the mountain then I see a treee with RED cherries on it the cherries were looking so nice I take one of them to eat I take a bite then I see its red. And in my dream I know tht if I see red in my istikhara its not goood so I don’t remember if I spit it out or if I ate the part which was in my mouth. I wake up due to thinking in my dream tht seeing red color is not good and don’t know wht happened to the cherry. then When I sleep again I see my mother comes to me and puts her head on my chest and starts crying for me as she was doing istikhara too and she didn’t have a nice dream so she was sorry for me so she cries.She tells me her dream and I don’t remember it wh it was but I was dissapointed. But after a while in my dream I get to know tht my mothercame to me in my dream not in real coz it was so real tht I thoght tht my mom really came to me and told me but it was in the dream. Means in my dream I get to know tht it’s a dream I ay it to my self tht its just a dream and my mother didn’t come to me in reality This is also wht I seee my aunt she says tht shud ur sis leave her husband as she is not happy. But I tell them yes she has no kids but tht doesn’t mean that she shud leave him coz baji also I mean sis also says tht his husb lovs her


The dreams have no significance.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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