Is what i am doing wrong?will i be punished severly for it? Please help me Imam,tell me what i should do in this situation?

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Aslamalikum,imam sahab Three years ago i accidentally sent an email to a 29 year old man,after which we became friends and started sharing clean emails,let me tell u that i was 16 then and possessed less religious knowledge.After 2 years he proposed to me,which i accept happily ,soon he had to leave for studying medicine from USA.Before going he met me and promised me that he will come back and marry me InshAllah.He now calls me once in two weeks,mails me and sms’s me on my mobile,he almsot takes care of me like a husband.Many a times i feel that this relationshop is Gunnah,eventhough we have pure intentions of marriage.But i feel ashamed and guilty taht Alllah migh get angry with me… i pointed it out to him that may be we should be talking but he became sad and said so far away he needed some kind of contact as he gets worried,so do i… imam sahab we love each other and have pure intentions of marriage… what should i do???? please tell me?


According to the Shari’ah, it is Haraam for a female to have any contact
with a strange man (non-Mahram). The concept of clean emails, etc. and him
taking care of you like a husband is indeed a whisper of Shaytaan.

If his claim to marry you is a sincere one, we suggest you consult your
parents and inform them of your intentions. Your parents or any body else
senior in your family, based on their experiences will advise you. However,
you should inform the man via a Mahram that until you are not legally
married to him, you cannot talk to him. Seek forgiveness to Allah for your
sin. Surely, Allah will forgive you.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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