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Should i read Istikhaarah, if her decision has already been made, but her parents have forced this decision upon her?

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I have been going out with a girl for almost 2 years, we have a good relationship and love each other dearly and would like to get married. But her parents dont like me and never have although they have never met me. I recently approached her father about a meeting and he said OK, But thereafter he asked around (or so they say) and got some bad reports about me(which i had already told the girl a long time ago and she had told her mother) which happened when i was a Kid(18) I am now 25 and alot more mature. They told me never to contact her again. She loves her parents and does not want to hurt them and has promised them never to speak to me again although she loves me! I respect and understand her decision (they asked her to choose between us)but i would like to know whether to leave this situation or pursue it further as i really love this girl and would do anything to marry her. 1. Can i read istikhaarah in a situation like this?! (Knowing what Allah has guided me will make things easier), 2. Can Someone else read Istikhaara for me? (as i feel that my judgement will be clouded), 3. What dua can be read to try and forget about her if the istikhaarah turns out negative ?!


Jazakallah for your confidence in us. Yes, most certainly to walk away from a situation where the emotions of the heart are involved is difficult and a test. You either make a correct effort and succeed or fail miserably with life-long restlessness.

If you wish you may read Istikhaara;

(a)but start off by terminating the illlicit relationship,
(b)make sincere Tauba, regret on all your sins from the time you came off age. Repent sincerly, make a firm resolution never to return to them.
(c)thereafter cry to Allah for a good, compatible, suitable marriage partner.
(d) acknowledge your weak points and sins and make attempt to changing your life and ways .

Then see how your life will change. How your problems and difficulties will be removed. Your Barakat increasing and your duas answered (Insha-Allah). Expect tests on the way, but don’t despair . Focus your gaze on Allah Ta’ala

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best


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