A girl who gets marriage only for sake of her parents, and later found that she cant adjust with her husband right from first day itself

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related to fatwa 13964, I wanted to ask, if a girl who gets marriage only for sake of her parents, and later found that she cant adjust with her husband right from first day itself. And reveals everything infornt of her husband and her parents about her intention of getting married to person whom she always loved. And parents forcing her to still stay in marriage but her husband being ready to leave her for her happiness. But the boy whom she wants to marry says No because, she took decision with her choice. But now girl feels that she cant live life like this and always keeps telling to her husband and boy that she cant continue in marriage and either want to live alone or die. What that boy can do in this case? Boy can accept the girl but do want to give girl time to adjust. But the situation doesnt get sorted out even after months and girl and her husband keeps on asking boy about getting married. Can boy say yes to the girl in this case or he should keep on saying No till girl herself gives divource and comes out of marriage, and then only boy asks her about marriage? Boy and her husband are always worried about girl’s condition and dont want her to do anything wrong. Girl is very firm on decision of not continuing the marriage. Can you please provide some guidance in this matter as for us its very complex. And what that boy should do?


It appears that there is no compatibility in the marriage inspite of repeated attempts over the months. If the husband determines that the marriage has irretrievably broken down and there is no hope of salvaging the marriage, the best cause of action would be an amicable separation.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa

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