Plz tell me some dua.i m soo sad.i dont have anything in life.I lost all.Allah help me and bless me, listen to my prayers.

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although i m saying prayers five time and keep remembering Allah all time but I lost all that I have.I have great problem of marriage.Please Allah help me and bless me,listen to my prayers.


Remember you have not lost the Greatest in your heart (Alhumdulliah). And that is Allah Ta’ala. Masha Allah your calling out to Allah Ta’ala will not go unheard Insha Allah. HE is AS-SAMEE -THE GREATEST in hearing.

Dearest Sister what is your plight that ails you? Perchance a few words of support, a leaning shoulder maybe a means towards removal of a boulder on thy path (Insha Allah) ?

May Allah Ta’ala hear your cry and remove your obstacles, take you out of your pain, misery and depression and the worst and grant you happiness, pleasure, success and the best in both worlds! Insha Allah. Ameen.

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best.

Was Salaam

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