Are there any restrictions to what we’re allowed to eat of the sheep or bull that we slaughter for Qurbani/Aqeeqah?

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I was told that the only part of a qurbani/aqeeqah animal that we’re prohibited to eat is the gall bladder because it’s bitter and poisonous. One is allowed to eat the liver, kidneys, intestines and even testes if one wants to. Is this correct?


Seven things are Haraam to eat of an animal that is slaughtered and is Halaal to eat: 1)Flowing blood 2)Urinary tract of a male 3) Urinary tract of a female 4)Testicles 5)Glands 6)Bladder 7)Gall bladder (Ahsanul-Fataawa vol.7 pg.406 H.M.Saeed)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

For Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Checked and approved: Moulana Emraan Vawda

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