Is it allowed to have a g/f in islam AS A friend only

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I was going out with this girl, a few days ago she told me that our relationship is moving to fast.what should i do..?she studing and feels that going in a deep relationship would cause problems laters,she afraid what if 2 years down the line our relationship doesent work out,,she studing medicinen ,she has 5 years more to do.she dont plan of marrying because of her studies,i cant wait for 5 years to marry her..its a gamble,,,what you think i should do?if i wait for 5 years i would be 27..i dont plan on waiting so long…im confused ,she told me its best we stay friends .,she tells me she likes me n she allways thinks about me when we not togeather,i hope she not playing with my emotions ,i really dont know how to approach this situation …


Reading pornographic magazines and illicit literature is completely forbidden and abhorred. It is Zina (fornication) of the eyes.

It will absolutely not permissible to sell these filthy magazines in your shop, whether to Muslims or non-Muslims. The money earned from these Haraam magazines will also be Haraam.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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