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Can one use haram money to make umra?

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i am really in trouble and need your quick answer please1)my brother works in the restaurant where they also sell wine and bear. but my brother just works in the kitchen and he has nothing to do with wine. Is the money he earns halaal or haraam. and he also wants me to join with him and work in the same restaurant. should I accept this job? 2)the thing which is making me worried is this that the owner of the same restaurant is going to makka to make umra and he has asked my father to take me to umra with his money. i am very worried. i am 19 years old. so i want to know that if his money is haraam then will my umra be accepted. if my umra wont be accepted then still Is it allowed for me to go with him to madina and makka even i wont get the thawaab of umra but can i just go to visit madina and makka. and if it is not even allowed and if it is sin to travel by that money then please tell me what should i do because my parents and elder brothers really do want me to take this apportunity to make umra but because of less deeni ilm and amal they dont consider that money haraam. so i am not able to refuse them. would it still be a sin for me to go? or tell me what should i do? please help me and do answer as soon as possible because i have to go next week. jazakallah.


1. At the outset, we wish to point out that a Muslim cannot sell anything Haraam in his business. That includes, wine and beer. The income of such sales will also be Haraam. It is also not permissible for a Muslim to work in such an outlet. However, if one is in a state of desperation, for example, he has to support himself and his dependants and has no source of income and working in such an outlet is the only immediate source of income, then he will be excused for working there and his income will be considered as Halaal. Such a person should also make Istighfaar (seek Allah’s forgiveness) and look for a Halaal alternative employment.

2. If the person’s major source of income is from Haraam sources, then it is not permissible for you to join him to travel to Makkah and Madinah as his income is considered to be Haraam.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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