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Due to some problems If we did nikah properly but secertly,can we do again officially?

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Acutally I love some one she also loves me a lot. I have a family problem.Coz in my cummonity we couldn?t marriage out side.I tried to convinced them but they are not understanding. They are spending time coz they knows her family couldn?t wait for that.Shes already 23 old.Her family is agreed.The problem is I usually met her and we talked also.Now we read somewhere its not good to meet someone namahrahm.That’s why we deceided we ll marry without knowing any one.But proper nikah with wali and witness from me as well as girls side her mother.coz we cant meet without marriage.We deceided that we ll married and ll not do any sexual stuff before proper Rukhsati its only for meeting and talking.and after few years when my family going agreed inshahallah.My question is if I nikah with her, and after few years when my family ll agreed inshahallah can we do nikah again.for knowing everyone.Coz at that time i ll not in that position to tell them i already did this.Coz its hurt them alot.I know the girl since 4 years she belongs to a good islamic family.shes also prayed namaz regularly,thats why we want to aviod this gunah.We did istkahra aslo.Plz let me know and pray for me.


The solution to your problem is simple. Do not associate with the girl until you marry her.

To perform a secret Nikah may be against the interest of both of you, especially, the girl as she too will be going against her family, which generally has negative consequences. Nevertheless, if you decide to secretly marry, the Nikah will be valid if it is performed correctly. In such a situation, the second Nikah will be insignificant according to Shari?ah.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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