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Framing of (Ottoman) or (Miri)Transitional Inheritance

The Lands Department used to apply the Ottoman land law with regard to transitional inheritance(the passing of the estate from the deceased to the heirs) whereby a female used to receive a share equal to that of a male until a certain date. After that particular date, it applied the Islamic land law whereby a male received twice the amount of a female. Is it permissible for a lady to collect her share of inheritance in accordance with the Ottoman land law ? and is it permissible for her to pay the expenses of the inheritance paperwork from the difference between her share according to the Ottoman land law and that according to the Islamic land law ?

Shafi'i Fiqh

It is Forbidden to Borrow from the Orphans` Fund

An organization has donated a certain amount of money for the sake of creating a park for the orphans. Since there was a delay in payment, (10.000 JDs) were borrowed from the orphans' fund where (5000) were returned and the other five were withdrawn under the heading "Contribution for the orphans` park." What is the ruling of Sharia on the borrowed as well as the contributed amounts? 

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