Is it alright if i don’t show any of the co-worker that i am not praying during my periods

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I work in an office where there are many male co-workers. Due to the office timings I have to perform at least three prayers in the office. But during my menstruation period I only go to the prayer room and recite some duaas and surahs (orally) as I want to spend some time praying to Allah either in the form of Namaz or in the form of recitation (when I cannot perform Namaz). Another reason is that I don’t want anyone (especially any male worker) to ask why am I not praying today as I don’t feel easy answering this question. Tell me if what I am doing is right or wrong because when I go to the prayer room everyone knows I am praying but sometimes (during periods) I am not actually performing namaz I am only reciting.


It is in fact advisable for a female during menses to engage in the Dhikr of Allah Ta’ala during Salaat times. Your conduct is therefore appropriate.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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