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Is it alright to let my children use their left hand to eat/drink, write, etc.? How can I become an Alima?

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AssalamAlaikum Mufti Saheb. Two of my children are naturally left handed and they eat, write, reach first with their left hands. 1.) Is it haram for a Muslim to eat or drink with his/her left hand? 2.) Is it okay if one writes or does anything other than eating/drinking with his/her left hand? 3.) Is it a sign of spiritual defect if a person is left handed? 4.) Because of fardh obligations towards husband/children, I cannot go anywhere to study to become an Alima. Is there any Alim degree that I can acquire through correspondence? I realize that becoming an Alim is a very big matter & I would work very, very hard InshaAllah. I have had dreams indicating that this is the path that I should pursue. 5.) Can you please check out www.al-maqsood.org and let me know if it is alright to become a mureed of their Sheikh. 6.) A friend of mine wanted to find out how to atone for the sin of breaking many, many fasts of every Ramadan- totaling 100 or more over a period of years. Will you please answer all 6 questions, May Allah bless you.


1. It is prohibited to eat or drink with the left hand.

2. Since some people are natural left handed, they may write or do other things with the left hand.

3. This is no indication of spiritual deficiency.

4. We are not aware of an Aalim course through correspondence. Yes, you can acquire basic knowledge of Deen through correspondence. Once you have acquired the basic knowledge of Deen, your priority lies with your husband and children.

5. I have not had the opportunity to visit the site. Hence, I am unable to comment.

6. The friend should determine how many fasts were missed over the years and cover them up as soon as possible. Also, repentance from the sin is necessary.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa

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