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What is sufism and what is its position in Islam if any ? Isn’t Islam only the belief in and practice of the Holy Quraan and the hadith ?


Islam promotes Tazkiyah – the cleaning or purification of the heart of all
forms of spiritual filth that may impede ones spiritual progress and closer
proximity to Allah. Now, some people realize that achieving this goal – i.e.
spiritual purification – can only be gained by staying aloof from society
and adhering to other stringent regulations. Such people are generally
referred to as Sufis. The branch they are involved with is referred to

As far as Sufism is concerned, it is a branch of Islam that deals in
spiritual elevation and this is also a primary objective of Islam. In short,
Sufism is a branch of Deen (Islam). However, over the years, a number of
un-Islamic practices have seeped into this branch. Hence, the un-Islamic
practices of some of these ‘Sufis’ cannot be condoned.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa


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