There are people claiming that you have to take Ahad Hadeeth into Aqueedah if it Sahih.

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What is the Daleel for only taking Mutawatir Hadeeth into one’s belief.


If the Aahaad Hadith is such that it is received and excepted by the ummat
amalan and qawlan (Ijmaa) then it will suffice. Ijmaa is a Qat’ee Daleel and
is sufficient to prove Aqaaid.

According to majority of the Ulama, the authority of a Mutawatir Hadith is
equivalent to that of the Quraan. Universal continuous testimony (tawatur)
engenders certainty (yaqin) and the knowledge that it creates is equivalent
to knowledge that is acquired through sense-perception. Simply, Mutawatir
Hadith gives the benefit of positive and definite knowledge in which there
is no doubt, therefore Mutawatir Hadith is used in the establishment of

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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