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1)is afghanistan now recognised as a islamic state since northen alliance have joined up with mentioned they have lost iman when they joined up with kufars controlling .2)why isnt the so called muslim countries helping afghanistan since they are killing innocent talibans,arabs and civillians in afghanistan.3)is the northern alliance made up of shia or sunni you can see the kufar are trying to destroy islam every where in the world so why isnt any muslims countries standing up for rights of the muslims especially saudi arabia as they are rich and will have some influence over the kufar. JAZAKALLAH KHAIR IMAM


a) At present, there is no Islamic government in Afghanistan, hence, we
cannot term it as an Islamic state. We make Du’aa that the Taliban will soon
return to power.
b) We share your concern. These so called Muslims have sold their Islam for
a miserable price of this world.
c) Ask the Saudi themselves. We share your sentiments.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Moulana Imraan Vawda


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