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Urine; Excrement; Wind

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Askimam.org

(1) In the past couple of months I experienced the release of urine during my sleep. During another night I suddenly woke up and felt I needed to go and release both urine and stools, but I went back to sleep as I was extremely sleepy. I woke up about 3 hours later and my clothes were dry and there was no trace of any urine or stools. I am a very doubtful person due to the tricks of satan. I felt that maybe I did pass urine or excrement and that I needed to wash my clothes and bed sheets. What should I do in future? If I did pass urine in my sleep and found it in my undergarments do I still have to wash my bed linen?(2) One time I felt the need to pass urine but I didn’t do it. Soon after I had some sexual thoughts and some fluid came out of my penis (al-madhi). However I wasn’t sure if urine had also come out. Can you please provide some guidelines.(3) I require a great deal of water when I go to the toilet. Can you please offer some guidelines about how you should clean both private parts with sufficient water. Please take into account the indecision that satan has placed me in. (4) I am in university and when it comes to salaat times do I have to continually renew ablution for the next prayer? Please take into account that I suffer from back pain and flatulence as well as requiring vast amounts of water to wash whether it be passing urine or excrement. Please could you also verify if my salaat is valid if it is not really possible to go to the toilet.


1. If the impurities went onto the bed linen, then you will have to wash
2. The laws pertaining to urine and Madhi are the same. Therefore, if the
fluid that came out was Madhi or urine or one of the two which you were
doubtful about, you will still have to wash the impurities (and bed linen,
if affected) and make Wudhu.
3. The cause of the problem that you are experiencing seems to be that you
have lots of doubts. This is from Shaytaan. It is necessary to ignore these
dubious feelings and continue. You should use a fair amount of water to
cleanse yourself properly after which you must feel satisfied and remove all
feelings of doubt.
4. If your Wudhu breaks, then you will have to make Wudhu again for the next
Salaat. If you have an urge to relieve yourself, then you should do so prior
to performing your Salaat.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

for: Mufti Ebrahim Desai


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