I had a very disturbing dream this morning. It is very disturbing cause my grandfather is a namaazi.

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My grandfather who is usually very kind and respectful, was asking and aunt @ myself to leave, saying that he wants out of there.We had gone there to visit him. My aunt cautioned me not to say anything, I said Allah knew best. More disturbing, is that when I was leaving I noted that the lounge was bare, he had taken all the sofas out, he was sitting on the floor facing the door with the local muazzin on his left. On his right was what looked like bronze utensils that Hinuds use and he was burning incense. The muazzin was wearing a bronze metal hat which had ears that looked like elephants. He was making dua. This is all very confusing. Please advise if this has any real meaning. Jazakallah for your time.


The dream has no significance. It is a Shaytaani dream. You should ignore
the dream.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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