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Could you please explain the istikhara dream and the meaning of the name to me?

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Dear Imam Assalamualikum. 1) I did Isthikhara to get married to my cousin sister for consecutively five/six nights. None of the days, I had dream but in the morning I felt my heart tending to get married to her as I myself had a soft spot for her. Last night, I did isthikhara again and I didn?t have any dream at night. In the morning when I got up for fajr I found again that my heart is weak for her. Then I prayed fajr, recited Quran and after Ishraq prayer I went to sleep again. This time I had a dream and the dream is as follows. I am studying in overseas (this is a fact) and in the dream I saw I went back to my home for a vacation and at the end of the vacation I returning to my institute again. At the moment of departure everybody (including her) is there and I feel very sad to leave her there. But as all my parents and relatives are there, I felt shy to tell her something. But I felt deeply for her. Now can you please explain the dream for me? 2) What’s the meaning of the name ?Tanvia Ali?? I know there’s no ?V? sound in Arabic. So, what could be the correct form and meaning in Arabic? Jazakallah Khaeer Wassalam Md. Ali


1. The dream is a positive indication to marry your
cousin sister. We advise you inquire about the girl’s
character and conduct. Also make Mashura and consult
your seniors before making a decision.

2. We do not know the meaning of Tanvia. Ali means a

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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