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Dear Imam Desai, I saw Isa ibn maryam in a dream, please interpret for me..

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I was standing on a minaret, very high up when I saw Him descending towards me being carried by 2 Angels. I could hear a voice saying ?its Isa ibn maryam?! I was very scared in my dream & woke up shaken. I would like to know what this means? Also I had a dream in which someone was telling me to always say InshAllah. Apart from the obvious message is there any hidden meaning in that? (2)the importance of Durood Sharif. many Imams leave it out of Khutbah for wedding, or janazah. I want to make sure that my wedding inshAllah has Durood upon the Prophet. Am I correct in this thinking because people don’t give enough importance to Durood on prophet (saws) (3)If Im wearing leather socks with wudhu & take them off & then put them on again without breaking wudhu, can i assume my wudhu is still valid?


1. The dream is true. Easa (AS) will certainly descend before Qiyamah, which
is close. The word Inshallah indicates placing your future and trust in
2. You may request the person performing your Nikah to include Durood upon
Rasulullah (SAW) in the Khutba or in the dua after the Nikah.
3. If the leather socks are taken out from the feet the wudhu does not
break. However, the feet have to be washed before putting on the leather

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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