Is ghusl (bath) fard after these two situations?

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Q1) I am un-able to marry and I cannot fast due to certain reasons. I am a person who his easily sexually aroused and have erections very often. Many times when I have erections after sometime (when the penis is erect or relaxing after an erection) a drop or two of fluid easies out. This fluid is sticky and a little white. I do not have an orgasm or ejaculate with force I just have an erection. I need to know if ghusl is fard on me every time I experience this? I have erections like this many times a) watching pornography, b) looking at attractive woman, c) while even praying salah and when I go to sleep I have erotic and sexual dreams and thoughts and have erections. When I wake up, I see one or two stains of the fluid I mentioned above, on my underwear, which is white. As soon as I experience an erection, after a really short time this fluid will come out of my penis (only one or two drops will come out due to pressure). I think this in a natural reaction for men once they receive an erection and before they have an orgasm or ejaculate with force. Also I do not remember ever having any wet dreams and I do not think this is what you call wet dreams! Q2) Is ghusl fard if one masturbates (penis receives sexual pleasure) but does not ejaculate, if the answer is yes to what extent must one receive pleasure before ghusl is fard? Or is it only fard after ejaculation?


1. The fluid you mention is actually referred to as Mazi (pre-coital fluid).
Ghusl is not Fardh, only Wudhu is Fardh in this case. When you awaken after
seeing sexual dreams and you find a sticky white substance on your clothing,
Ghusl is Fardh as this is a wet dream.
2. Ghusl is not Fardh if one masturbates without reaching orgasm. However,
masturbation is strictly prohibited in Islam. The same rule of prohibition
applies to pornography and looking at women.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa

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