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Dream interpretatio

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On the night of 26 of November, before sehri I dreamt that me, my wife and my sister in law were in one house. Something white was behind my sister in law and was going from one side to another (from right to left, and from left to right) near the window and my wife was screaming for her to run because me and my wife felt that the white thing wanted to catch my sister in law, but it was too late, that white thing went already inside her (inside my sister in law.) Then I gave azan, we started praying because (in the dream) a maulana told us to pray. (all of this in the dream). In the same night, also before sehri, my wife dreamt that she was with her sister (same sister in law that I mentioned in my dream) and her grand father’s second wife. Her grand father’s second wife was constantly and repeatedly asking my sister in law if she was happy. Can you please tell me the meaning of both dreams, because I found it unusual, especially because of the situation of my sister in law in both dreams?


As Muslims, our Aqeedah (belief) is, every good and bad is from Allah. If
Allah decreed for something to take place, nothing can prevent that and if
He did not decree it, nothing can make it exist. However, Rasulullah
(Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) advised us to take precautions and prevent
ourselves from any possible unforeseen circumstances, for example reciting
Aayatul Kursi after every fardh salaah, four Quls every night before
sleeping, calling out the adhaan and making dua. The duas and recitation of
certain verses of the Quran are deterrents against the Shaytaan and black
magic, as also indicated by the Moulana in the dream.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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