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Problem with my wife and unable to take any decision

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Sir imarried with a girl who is orphan and the said marriage was settled by one of her uncle immediately after the marriage i noticed some misbehaviour from one of her cousin and the said person who arranged the marriage i objected for the same but my wife and her mother inturn told me that i am a suspicious person and they are free and nothing is wrong in the behaviour towards their relatives.I told my wife to do hijab she was ok with me upto the birth of one child and immediately after her birth she started harassing me and always refused to come to me whenever i use to take her to mothers place they started not allowing me to take food or water in her house and also not allowing me to sleep alongwith her and atlasts they did not allowed me to enter into their house and since three and half years my wife is staying with her mother and not doing hijab also i made several requests but she flately refused to join me on one pretext or another what can i do sir i made every possible effort to call her back i took my elders wrote several letters but she in the span of three and half years never made any single effort to see me or to make a phone call to me or to come to me


We are very sad to hear of your predicament.

You should try to approach the local Ulama who could possibly try and
communicate with her and her family, and try to resolve the matter. This is
all one can really do. If both the parties are sincere then Allah Ta’ala
will definitely make a way out and reconcile them.

If, on the other hand, after making all efforts, the marriage does not work
out, then the couple should in an honourable manner separate. However, at
first, try one’s best to reconcile.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Moulana Imraan Vawda

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