Salaamulakum Mufti Saab. Please will you clarify the situation between the guy I wish to marry and myself. I am 36 single mother & am proud to say that I was born a muslim.

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However the guy who wishes to marry me is from rather a pious family e.g. they pray 5 times a day and to the extent do jamaat. Unfortunately I have recently started to do my prayers and am seeking assistance in learning the Quaran. I would mention that I did learn the Quaran at an early age but did not recite it as a result of which I have to learn again at this late stage in life. The guy I wish to marry has conditioned me and says he will not marry me until such time that I know the contents of the book “Tal’Leemul Haq” inside out. I am trying to study this book to the best of my ability but everytime he tests me on it my mind goes completely blank. Do you think it is right for him to condition me in this manner especially in view of the fact that I was born a muslim? I am a single mother and spend most of my time working. In the evenings I catch up on my namaaz after work and try to study the book. I feel that no matter how hard I am trying he says that I still have not made any progress. I wish to get married as soon as possible and so does he. I have suggested that we should get married and he or his family can assist/teach me in order to reach the standards they want me to. I am more than happy to reach such standards and inshallah pray that one day I will. Please help by clarifying the situation and also tell me is it right for him to condition me in this manner if he has decided he wants to marry me whether it be today tomorrow or 6 months time?. A.H.


There are two aspects in your query: a) To communicate with the person you
wish to marry before your marriage, b) To study Ta’leemul Haqq as a
condition of marriage.

Shari’ah prohibits every type of premarital communication between the future
spouses. Therefore, it is not permissible for you and the person in
reference to communicate with one another even on the basis of studying the
book, Ta’leemul Haqq. We advise that if you are certain to marry one
another, then you should do so without delay. That will grant a better
opportunity for the person to supervise and assist you in studying Ta’leemul
Haqq and other subjects of Islam.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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