1. where should our eyes point while offering Salaat

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1. where should our eyes point while offering Namaz 2. Is it permissible to offer salatul tasbeeh by making niyat of two rakat each two times instead of making niyat of four rakat at a time. 3. Is it permissible to pay the amount equal to that one will spent on puchasing an animal for Qurbani on Eid-ul-Azha to some poor or someone else. I am asking this question because we are asked to make Qurbani of somthing which we love and i dont think we love the animal which we had purchased just a day or two before. Furthermore money is something which man love today and donating money can be much more beneficial to some poor then recieving meat which on that day is surplus.


1. In the standing posture, the eyes should point to the place of Sajdah. In Ruku, towards the toes, in Sajdah towards the nose and towards the lap in the sitting postutre.

2. Four Rakaats has been narrated in the Hadith. Hence, a Niyyah of 4 Rakaats should be made.

3. Deen is not based upon logical reasoning alone but mainly upon what is transcribed even if it does not make sense to us. We are commanded to slaughter animals during the days of Eid. Hence, one may not give charity in cash instead of the animal irrespective of the benefits the cash donation may have.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa


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