Can I pray like a Salafi to avoid Fitnah

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Asalamualikum mufti sahab, I have the following questions. I live in saudi arabia and a hanafi but I have to join a new job in a place where there are 100% salafis. Very strict and critical of hanafis. So I will mostly be praying zuhr at the workplace. I am not an alim. The question is that if I pray the hanafi way, the salafis will watch and bother me a lot. They will bring all their material and plus the manager is also a strict salafi. I might be dismissed for being a hanafi. I am just asking if I could pray like them to avoid fitna. If yes, to how much extent and if no then to what extent?

The major 3 things: 1) Rafaul yadain – can I do or not? 2) Hands above chest? 3) Feet apart more than 4 fingers?

Will my salah be valid or will it be makrooh tahreemi? I am not a salafi. I am a deobandi but I don’t want to get into deeni problems here as they are all very conservative and Albani followers. But just to avoid fitna and problem I thought if I can pray with them because that is the only way they differentiate between a salafi and non-salafi. Jazakallah kahir


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