Sometimes I saw very strange dreams, please tell me what does they mean.(part2)Sometimes I recite holy quran in my dreams and it happens usually at least once in a month

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Sometimes I recite holy quran in my dreams and it happens usually at least once in a month, I recite verses from the open holy quran and most of the time I wake up when I am reciting them in dream, but when I wake up I always feel that I was reciting them in reality and my tongue was moving while sleeping, even I am not a hafiza so how I can recite when I am sleeping as I know verbal only some surahs of 30th parah, but in dreams I am always reciting any other long surah from any other parah which obviously I don’t know verbally, am I reciting wrong surahs?( TobaAstaghfar) or what is this, and why it happens in dream so occasionally. In my dreams, I saw so much celebrities with me in any relationship with me, sometimes as my employer, husband (I am unmarried) my in-laws, friends etc, celebrities means people like president of our country, famous people of the world etc.


The dreams of reciting the Qur’aan is Mubaarak and blessed.

The dreams of celebrities, etc. have no significance.
and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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