Could you please interpret the below Hadith for me. My father passed away recently and my mother and younger brother saw these dreams.

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Dream which my mother saw: My mother, father and my younger brother are in a place where there are a lots of shops. My younger brother is telling that he is feeling thirsty. My father goes and brings one bottle with water or juice and another bag full of grapes. It is so full that it may drop. My mother is taking another plastic bag to put some of the grapes into that so that they don’t fall on the ground. Then my mother and my younger brother leave to catch a taxi to go hom. On the way there is an very old lady with asking something in the name of Allah. They keep going. The old lady asks my mother why she is feeling happy. Ammi says that my father got a promotion or something like that. So the lady says ever after that you are going without helping me when I am asking in the name of Allah. Then my mother opens the purse and finds a lot of coins. Shee fills her hands with how much ever comes and gives it to the old lady. Dream which my younger brother saw: My younger brother and my father are walking and my father is telling my younger brother that if he dies, recite the dua on me which Bari (a close friend of my father) gave.


Both the dreams are Mubaarak and blessed dreams.

May Allah Ta’ala elevate your father’s status. Also, make Du’aa for him as much as possible.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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