How Quran-e-Hakeem differenciates between Momin and Muslim?

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The following Aayat of the holy Qur’aan, ‘So we brought out from therein the Mu’mineen. But we found not there any household of the Muslimeen.’ (Surah51 Aayat35-36)

The commentators of Hadith mention that Imaan and Islam are the same. Regarding the same people, Allah uses both words, ‘Mu’mineen’ and ‘Muslimeen’.

However, some Ulama are of the opinion that Imaan and Islam are different. Imaan refers to the inner belief of the heart and Islam refers to the outer actions of a person. The view is based on the following Aayat: ‘The bedouins say, ‘we believe’ say, ‘you believe not but only say, we have only surrendered for faith has not yet entered your hearts.’ (Surah 44:14)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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