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Dream about angels and a dream about dajjal.

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Respected mufti saheb, could you kindly interpret 2 dreams please that happened around the time i was getting into the work of tabligh. 1)quite a few years ago i had this dream that one day i was in my local masjid and i saw something fly up through the roof and i quickly ran upstairs to see what it was, and i saw my local moulana reciting the quran and then the thing burst through the roof again and this time i saw it- it was an angel flying up to the skys against the background of the dark night sky.what does this mean? 2)my friend around the same time as my dream also had an interesting dream. he was going home one night when he saw somebody following him and he tried to get away from him but he couldn’t, then this strange person trapped him in an alleyway and revealed himself to be dajjal. dajjal also had a bird with him which kept biting my friend on his finger.(unfortunately my friend has now become misguided since leaving the work of tabligh), did this dream mean he would become misguided?? jazakallah for your time.


1. In the light of many Ahaadith, we understand that angels travel from the
heavens to the earth and vice versa. They take along with them the deeds
practised by a person.
2. It is not possible to exactly state your friends present situation is a
reflection of the dream in reference. However, you should apply wisdom and
diplomacy in communicating with your friend and assist him to come on the
right path. If he does not actively participate in Tabligh but practices on
Islam, do not insist on his participation in Tabligh as that attitude will
create resentment for Tabligh.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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