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Asalam o alikum Mufti Sahab
I have been trying alot to ask a question but i dont know why you dont reply me.
My question is “Is it permissible to drink tawaiz water and wear it around my neck if they have both numbers and Allah’s name written on them.
I have some medical issues and one of te Molvi Sahab told us that despite of medical issues  there is also some kind of saya on me . I am also having pain in my shoulders and he specifically mention this pain and gave some tawaiz which have numbers on them but they also have some Allah’s name .I can only read some of them because of the writing .And there is also something written on the back of side of the tawaiz which is not readable . My concern is about the numbers written on them .If there were Allah’s name only I would not have any doubt in my mind and I would use them.But I believe that Allah’s name  cannot be replaced by numbers.But in this case tawaiz have both numbers and Allah’s name that makes me confuse.
Please advice me what to do? I will really appreciate your help and give me a advice.
Allah Hafiz

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