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Can a person have more than one “home” at which he will not shorten his prayers?

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My wife and I live over 100 miles away from both my parents and her parents homes. However, when we visit the homes of our parents each home has an assigned room where we keep our belongings and also stay overnight (these were our bedrooms when we were children living in these houses). When we visit these 2 houses, even though each is over 100 miles away, are we considered travelers or residents? Also if my son lives at a college dormitory (hundreds of miles away) and lives there during the week and comes home to stay (where he has his own bedroom) on the weekends. Will he shorten his prayers when he comes back to his parents home on the weekends, what about when he is at school. Finally what does he do if he makes a safr journey from the college dorm to some other locality, will he shorten after traveling 48 miles from the city of the dorm?


1. You and your wife will be regarded as Musaafirs in your parent’s homes if
the period of stay there is lesser than 15 days.
2. If your son has the intention to stay with you after being qualified, he
will be regarded as a Muqeem when he comes home. He has to perform complete
Salaat. If he does not intend staying with you, he will be a Musaafir if he
stays lesser than 15 days.
3. If your son is a Musaafir at the college, then he will remain a Musaafir
if he travels further and stay lesser than fifteen days. If he is a Muqeem
there, he will become a Musaafir if he undertakes a journey of 48 miles or
more and if he does not stay there for at least 15 days.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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