What should the daughter of a bank officer do?

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I am a daughter of a bank officer and I read here that his earning is haram. What should be my behavior in this manner? Can I enjoy this money? Can I give the charity from my pocket money? Will my prayers will be accepted? Can I go to Hajj on this money? My marraige is near, should I accept the jahaiz from my father side? and should I go to my kindred after marriage? Please answer with the references. May Allah reward you.


Almighty Allah Ta’ala says- And do not assist in sin- (S. Maidah)
Conventional banks deal in interest bearing transactions and working there is
assisting in sin. However, shariah has also taken into consideration
circumstances. In order for us to answer your queries, kindly explain to us
the circumstances your father has undertaken that responsibility. Soes he have
an adequate alternative, etc?

And Allah Ta’ala knows best

Mufti E. Desai

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