Some Ulema say you can get benefit from reciting the names of MaShaikh in you Tariqah. If true please state evidence.

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1)Such Ulema like Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi have stated, that if you recite Khatm Khawajeen (Full recitation of all MaShaikh in the Silila of Naqsbandi or so) you will gain benefit. (2)Respected Mufti Sahib, In Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi’s book Munajat-e-Maqbool it is quoted at the end as follows,”It is a good thing to read and to have the family tree (Shajarah) of your preceptor of Shaikh. This helps to develop a Special relationship, affection and love for the preceptors of the Tariqah and the Holy Prophet. It goes on to say,”after which recite three times Surah Al-Iklas and pray to Allah to bless their souls. This will strengthen your own soul and faith. It goes on and says,”This is an oligatory right of love which they appreciate and like, and which will be helpful to youas well in your salvation and in seeking Allah’s pleasure. Please state how Maulana Sahib cames up with these ideas.


1) We are not aware of any practice of reciting the names of the mashaaikh in Tariqah to gain benefit.

2) According to our understanding, the respected Moulana’s view is based on the right of love and not on the right of Shari’ah.

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Mufti E Desai
Fatwa Dept.

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