Building Mosques and Musallah with Money Involving Interest (Riba)

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Building Mosques and Musallah with Money Involving Interest (Riba)

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Q.) I am living in a Western society. In this society sometimes people purchase buildings for the purpose of establishing a place of worship (i.e. Mosques and Musallah) using interest based financing. What is the order of Shariah in this regard? Can we offer prayers in such places and secondly can we invite others to pray in such places?

A.) It is haram (strictly prohibited) to take a loan on interest. Allah Ta’ala has declared war upon such people. Dealing in interest incurs the La’nat (curse) of Allah Ta’ala. The Musjid is the house of Allah and a means of invoking the mercy of Allah. That can be achieved only by utilising pure and halal money. Using interest bearing loans to build a Masjid defeats the purpose of the Masjid – invoking the mercy of Allah. And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

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