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Silence Between Eid Prayer and Eid Khutbah

In this society, young kids (15-18) are looked down upon for wanting to get married. They have to be doctors and 30 years old to get married. I was wondering, since youth have a very big test, can we go to a girl that and accept her as our “slave” (with her permission) and have secret intercourse with her without telling anyone?

1. I just wanted to make sure. It says that it is haram to shake hands unless necessary. Can you please give me an example of necessary? Is a job interview considered such? 2. In the hidayah, on the section of looking at awrah, it says that for darurah a woman can show her arm and part of her her and that men can shake the hand of women (it may have said older woman). Excuse me if this is wrong as I dont have a copy of the book and I had read this about 8 months ago. Is this the correct position for tha hanafis?

Regarding divorce: Is unhappiness, change of heart (feelings towards ur spouse), and incompatibility with one another a valid Islamic reason for divorce? We have tried many times to stay together but neither one of us are happy. I have talked to many Alimas, Maulanas, shiekhs, etc…and at first, they told us to try and see what happens. That was 5 months ago and both of us are unhappy with one another. Can we have a divorce?

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What is the fiqh position on body piercing (other than the ears) for women? i.e. nose, eye brow, belly button. Do these rulings also apply to men?

If there is a prayer in jamat, is it okay for me to join this even though the aqida of the imam leading the prayer is different, or if you don’t know the beliefs of the imam?

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