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Is Street Fighting Allowed?

If someone made a promise to Allah in a dua to never masturbate again, and he later breaks that promise, what is required of him?

Is it ok for a women to study with a male Sheikh?

I was recently told that it is a sunnah to keep a pet (any acceptable animal) in the home. Also, that keeping a pet more easily drives away the ‘evil eye’ from reaching anyone in the home? Is this a confirmed sunnah? I was also told that Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) kept a cat as a pet?

Husband Supporting Family with Haram Money?

Incontinence and Prayer

How was the Qur’an compiled?

Eating food which is earned through haram means

How to Handle the Qur’an and its Translation, Touching the Qur’an without Wudu

I’m not sure how to reconcile the rulings on nail polish and henna. if one of the reasons for the prohibition of nail polish is that it is adornment that can be seen by non-mahram men, how is the application of henna permissible? I don’t know if this is related but i was also curious about the ruling for nose rings and other visible jewelry.

Hajj Question: Toothpaste, Deodorant, Soaps, an Suntan lotion

I am an adult woman (unmarried) who can afford to perform Hajj, Alhamdulillah. However, my father has passed away and I have only one mahram in the country where I live, namely my younger brother. My brother is not employed and unable to afford to perform Hajj. Is it permissible for me to wait until my brother is able to afford to go on Hajj and then go with him? I could pay for his trip; however, would I be excused if I didn’t go as yet?

Hadith: “Heads looking like humps of camels”

As I was reading your e mail, I came across this ruling and I couldn’t help my curiosity. Allow me to be open and frank, because as little knowledge as I have, I would really like to know the right thing. As I understand, according to you, one who does adultery (or apostasy etc) should surrender himself to the hudd and accept the punishment? I have a friend, a Muslim who did similar crime, but he didn’t surrender himself to the court but repenting for his act (only two of us know about it). Also their government doesn’t follow this rule. I didn’t mention this to anyone as some times back I was listening to a khutbah where the imam was quoting a true story and he said the otherwise. However i don’t know what is right and not, only Allah knows. Since you’re a scholar I would appreciate if you would make this clear.

Feet to Feet, Toe to Toe