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Step-by-Step Ablution (Wudu) Guide

What are the sunna acts of drinking?

Step-by-Step Prayer Guide For Muslim Women

Step-By-Step Umrah Guide

If sexual discharge exits a woman’s vagina after ghusl from marital relations, does she repeat her ghusl?

Six Conditions For Menstruation

What is the ruling of performing umrah? What is the ruling for each umrah rite?

Salawat and Salam For The Prophet ﷺ

What can one use to remove body hair?

What is the ruling of sexual intercourse during menstruation?

Are pregnant and nursing women required to fast Ramadan?

What are the purification rulings related to household cats?

Is it permissible to eat one’s full? What about pigging out?

If a woman’s menstruation ends before Fajr in Ramadan, but she hasn’t taken a ghusl yet, can she make the intention to fast and take a ghusl after Fajr?

Menstruation Rulings Related To Ramadan