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I m going to get engaged with a grl whom my parents & her parents knows very well, we quite often kiss eash other passionatly … Is this Zina?

I was wondering if girls my age are allowed to dye their hair…For hair removal is it acceptable for a girl to get her underarms waxed by another female?

Where i can buy islamic books like’Mareful Quran’ written in German….what rights a muslim woman has on his husband’s money?

Does it take you out of the fold of Islaam to think that Allah(swt) doesn’t care about you? Or what if you have that “tawakkul” sufis always talk about? Does that constitute kufr?

What does the Quran say about a muslim guy marrying a hindu women?

I get marriage who belived Cristian and i believed muslim my question is that can i marrage that whomen who believed other religios,Jaej?

Quran says in surah Al-Nour “corrupt women are for corrupt men, and corrupt men, for corrupt women – just as good women are for good men, and good men, for good women”

One husband gives one talaq orally to make his wife for warning for something, but the wife out of too much displeased with that she passes the 90 days/iddat period. So the marriage terminates but they can re-marry, right?

My problem is that i am not a virgin and I am afraid to tell my future husband that who ever it maybe.

I am studying but when i think aboutr my past attempts i become depreesed….

If a woman wants a husband with no other wives in Jannah, can she have it? ….

If women are a treasure for men, isn’t there anything for a woman to treasure?

Is it permissible for girls to get haircuts even if they wear a hijab?

About your fatwa that the women’s desires are not being dismissed if there are hoor because…

Talaaq of a non muslim