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If a travel agent and a client agree to the purchase and sale of an Umrah ticket, can the client cancel the purchase of the Umrah ticket after the travel agent issued it to the client? 

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Q. I am a Travel Agent a few weeks ago I was called by a Muslim brother regarding a ticket for Umrah for which I checked and gave him a price which he was happy with. He then sent me a subsequent SMS confirming the purchase of ticket which he stated his name and passengers… read more »

How many times does one make Istilaam in Tawaaf?

Answered by TheMufti.com

Q. AS SALAAMU ALAIKUM Mufti Saib When performing Wajib or Nafil Tawaaf after completing the seventh circuit do I need to make the eight ISTILAM or just 7 ISLILAM JAZAKULLAH A. It is Sunnah to commence and complete the Tawaaf with Istilaam. Hence, after completing the seventh circuit of Tawaaf, one will make Istilaam for… read more »