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Praying while the imam is speaking.

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Q. I have noticed for Jumma that a lot of brothers upon reaching late, perform the four rakaats sunnah even though the imam has started his bayaan. Is this proper to be praying when the imam is speaking? A. The bayaan is not a khutbah and hence there is no harm in performing Salaah while… read more »

Paying Huffaz for leading Taraweeh.

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Q. Is it Jaiz to pay Huffaz for leading Taraweeh? Doesn’t this lead or lend to something like paying to read the quran, and what is the difference between this and paying a Hafiz to lead the Daily Namaz? A. No it is not permissible to pay Hufaz for leading the Taraweeh. The difference between… read more »

Nafl I’tikaaf while in menses

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Question: Asalamualaikum,, can a woman sit for nafil aetikaaf during her menses or is wudhu and purity an essential requirement? Answer: Wa Alaikum As Salaam, Purification from major ritual impurities is essential for nafl Itikaf. Wudhu is not essential. As such, you can sit for nafl Itikaf in the area of your house which you… read more »

Muslim burials and funerals.

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Q. Can you explain to me the significance of preparing the grave the way Muslims do? Also I recently went to an aunt’s funeral, and I decided to leave before the hearse left. Someone told me that I should not leave before the dead because it is bad! Why? Is this part of Islam? I… read more »

Missed Fasts and Salaah

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Q: Asalamualaikum,,i wanted to know that if a person has missed many years of prayers and ramadhan fasts and then died without offering a qadha for them in his lifetime,so after his death what can be done to compensate for those missed fardh prayers and fasts ? His relatives wish to know if they could… read more »

Learning an ayat of Quran.

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Q. I have read in a hadith that to LEARN a single ayat of Quran in the morning is better than 100 rakaats of salaah, what does it mean by LEARN? How can I LEARN? A. The word ‘learn’ is in its general sense. You can learn an ayat by memorizing it properly. You can… read more »