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I am aneamic …if i am fasting and reach a point where i feels that i cannot bare it anymore due to the weakness and headaches,

Can a woman have relations with her husband during her pregnancy period?”

Is it permissible to abort 15 days pregnancy due to extremely un-happy marriage relation?…

Can we have intercourse after confirmation of pregnancy coz i have heard from some ppl that intercourse is not aloowed for the first 4 month of pregnancy as well as When should we stop intercourse in pregancy ?

I am 8 months pregnant and have been married for 2 years. Last week my husband left me, packed up all his belongings and said he needed space. …Is this grounds for talaq and if so what paternal rights will he have.

He is a great husband, but I dont know why he said that to his own baby, I’m scared now, b/c like us muslim we always say the sky might be open when you say something & it might come true. I know my husband didn’t mean what the told me, but im scared now, what should I do or say so Allah could forgive him & nothing happens to my baby…

I would like to know what is the expiry time of my iddat of the death of my husband who expired on …

He wants me to have an abortion or he will divorce me…what are my rights in this matter?

She is forcing for a talaq and she is going for a fasagh. What can I (the husband) do or what is my rights? Is the fasagh revokable?

Is there any permissibility to abort this pregnancy due to any of the following reasons?

I lost my baby at 36 weeks pregnancy.unknown causes.what does the hadith and qur’an say regarding this child and the parents and please give some nasihat for encouragement.

What should i do now after giving talaaq?

I’ve given talaq to my wife due to misbehave with me and my parents.