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I need clarification

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I need clarification about hadeeth Al-Bukhaari (520) narrated that Buraydah said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever does not pray ‘Asr, his good deeds will be annulled” Narrated from Ibn-i Burayda: Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stated that: “Whoever does not pray the asr prayer until the sunset and… read more »

Movies/Video Games

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Asalamualaikum I’m a young female who enjoys watching romance shows and movies/video games. I always cover the parts in which people kiss. Ever since I began practicing it’s been hard for me to find holistic activities for entertainment that aren’t against Islamic guidelines. I don’t go to the cinema anymore. These types movies/shows make me… read more »

HOT! How to control the jinn in Islam?

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Assalamu alaikum. My name is Shamil, I am from Russia. I would like to ask you, is it possible to control a jinn in islam, without making kufr? If so, which verses from the quran will need to be read, or may need a magic artifact(s) (for example: https://m.bonanza.com/listings/antique-ring-4-djinns-2-males-king-and-2-queens-djinn-jinn-genie-demon-psychic/112260619 ) It’s really true? or is… read more »

Is Dandruff impure

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Is dandruff considered impure as it is skin flake. If so how will i perform salah as i am chronically suffering from dandrufg Answer Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, Dandruff is pure and will not affect the validity of your prayers. And Allaah Ta’aala knows best Wassalaam, Ismail Moosa (Mufti) Original Source Link

Cleaning stool.

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Asalamualaikum I have a problem when cleaning stool. Often times when I clean, due to the friction of wiping, I can get spots of blood. I try to clean it as best as I can. Using water, putting water on tissue and wiping, patting with tissue. The problem is, the way to figure out if… read more »

Confusion about istiahdah.

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Asalamu alaykum. This is an area of confusion and has caused me a lot of sadness and frustration. I know some scholars say menstruation lasts 15 days, others 10 days and others saying it has no max or min. So far, I’ve been regarding 15 days as my max period. I tend to bleed for… read more »

Talking to magicians

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There is a hadith about fortune tellers which is ‘Whoever approaches a fortune teller and asks him anything, his salaah will not be accepted for forty nights.’ I have a friend who is a magician if I talk to him will my prayers not be accepted for 40 days or does this apply only if… read more »

Showering while bleeding

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Assalamu alaykum For months now, I have been dealing with issues relating to near constant bleeding from different parts of my body. I have a bad case of acne on my scalp and nearly all the pimples are filled with pus. They pop all the time. When they pop, after the pus/blood comes out, a… read more »


Answered by DaruliftaaZambia.com

Question As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh. If a person prays Fajr, and misses the Dhuhr and Asr prayer, can he directly perform the Maghrib prayer (without making up this dhuhr and this asr before) if he has missed more than five (other) prayers a very long time ago in the past? Answer In the Name of… read more »