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Lying When Joking

Answered by Seekersguidance.org

Answered by Ustadha Shaista Maqbool Question: Asalamualaykum, Is it permissible to lie when joking, given that it is understood by the people listening that what is being said is not true?Answer: Wa’alaikum assalaam warahmatu Allah, Joking is permissible but like other permissible acts, may become praiseworthy with the right intention. For example, if one jokes… read more »

Knowledge Versus Ignorance

Answered by Seekersguidance.org

Answered by: Aftab Ahmad Malik (excerpt from “The State We Are In”) If many non-Muslims suffer from ignorance about Islam, some Muslims are also ignorant about their own tradition. Expressed as an ideology anchored in opposition to the West, and determined to wage a universal jihad, these Muslims reduce Islam to a violent anti-intellectual force…. read more »