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When should one perform a minimal wudu? For example, if I walk in the mosque and Isha is taking place and the imam is on the first rakah, do I do a minimal wudu? What if I won’t miss the congregration if I do a full wudu?

What is the exact definition of alcohol that you use when formulating a response? For example, would methanol or isopropyl alcohol (a main component in some rubbing alcohols) be haram?….chocolate liquor is simply made by grinding cocoa beans into a liquid form and contains no alcohol.

Please could you advise whether there is anything here that contradicts the Shar’ee principles. I would appreciate a detailed response

Some peiople use this hadees to say that music and dancing is allowed or to do zikar while dancing?

Is this saying of Shayk Qaradawi correct regarding the acceptance of sifaat;

Why do some Ulama STILL make dua for Sultanul-Adil (Just Muslim King) in the 2nd part of Jummah Khutbah? Ignore Haramain (Makki & Madani) in this query because that is just government ruled Khutbah (through & through)!

Can u explain tableeq jammat, is this biddah something the prophet did do? why do sum ppl say we shouldnt do it?

I am in love with a girl and her too in love with me. We want to marry and I made three times istikhara by some person …

So my question is in light of the advances in psychology and acceptance of extreme anger leading to temporary insanity, would your answers differ to what you have provided previously?

Is it ok to write “AOA”….

What is the current ruling on jihad, is it fard-e-ayn on all muslims or those nearby?

My question is would Allah forgive her if she wants to come back in the right path of Allah ?