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1. Is is compulsory to publicly announce the amount of the maher at a nikah or is it sufficient for example to say the groom is giving 18ct gold jewellery set…2. Is it preferable for the brides father to be the wakeel and her to elder brothers to be her witnesses or is it better to get somebody like uncles, etc…3. Is it permissible to have a pre-nuptial contract wherein the women has the option of giving the man talaaq under certain specified circumstances

A 20 yr old girl has performed a nikah 7 months ago with the father and grand farhers being the witness and rep.A mahr of R8500 cash was paid. Walima took place a month later.

Can you please advise me on the different forms of mehr and the present values.

My wife and I originally married before converting to Islam…Some months later we had a larger wedding for our family. This was not an Islamic wedding but there was one Muslim that attended. After reading information about the fiqh of Marriage (having 2 witnesses, a wali, etc) I had some doubts

Please can you give detail Reasoning of Mahr (Bridal Money) ? Why it is given- the purpose and ways ? What is the Best Mahr and best time of payment.

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I gave a loan of a large sum of money to my fiance before we beacme engaged. Personally I am not in a rush to ask for it back until I need it, however Islamically does the amount have to be paid back…

If the husband is studying in a far away place and the wife lives with her parents, whose rules should she obey?