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Is it permissible for a woman to work in this condition?

Can you tell me the Sunnah procedure of marriage? What should one do and what should one abstain from, e.g., not to use camera’s and take videos. Stop asking money for Jodha which the girls’ side gives for blazer.

How will the house be divided?

I would like details about Hadrat Ali’s (radiyallahu anhu) demise?

If a couple agrees to khula’, when does the divorce take place, at the time of accepting the khula’ or after the wife pays the amount?

A man found out later that he had married his wife during her ‘iddah from a previous husband. What is the status of his nikāh?

What punishment will a man get if he divorced his wife without any reason?

I know some one who made his MOHORANA 5 laks RUPI. But they never paid that money. He just aske his wife to forgive him about the money. And wife did so.

As salaamu alaykum ww I would like to know the minimum mahr according according to today in british pounds. Also I would like to know after a womans husband has passed away is her father-in-law still mahram for you. Jazakallah khair for your time and help and may Allah reward you for your efforts. Wsalaam.

Please can you shedd more light on the giving of Mehr.Does the girl have to stipulate the amount or is it what the boy decides to give ? What rights does the woman have over the mehr ? Can she reject the amount that the boy gives ?

1. We did our nikah secretly because our parents were not agreed. Is this nikah valid? 2. 2: We did not fix the amount of Meher during the nikah. Does it have any affect on our nikah?

I have been engaged for sometime and have done best to avoid conversation with the girl. however recently we started sharing text with each other through sms acknowledging…

I wanted to know if i granted my wife a khul can i re marry her? on what terms?

What  is Meher fatima   R A   i have heard about it 

I wanted to know that if a Muslim gets married in a registry office (not the islamic way) is that halal?