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Find answers to your Islamic questions by Mufti Zakaria Makada (Hafizahullah), who is currently a senior lecturer in the science of Hadith and Fiqh at Madrasah Ta’leemuddeen, Isipingo Beach, South Africa.

About four years ago in India not too far away from Mewat India, I had the intention to start a madrasa. I sold my property for R350000.00 and used this as a deposit on a piece of land to start a madrasa for girls in our area, to try and bring about some Islamic Deen as the area has many Muslims and the Islamic illiteracy is severe. Muslims do not know even the absolute basics like salah or istinjaetc.I mentioned the idea to my Sheikh who loved the concept and immediately intention was made to acquire the land and to start a girls madrasa. The Sheikh made an announcement and the collection started. The land cost about R 800000.00 of which I contributed R 350000.00 and the money from South Africa made up the difference.TheSheikh traveled many times to the area with many other mureeds and the land was seen and accepted as the site of the new madrasa. The foundation was thrown for the commencement of building the madrasa. Obviously we needed the money and no money was available. We returned to South Africa where the Sheikh made many an announcement and made certain local brothers responsible to assist me to collect money. After trying very hard an amount of about R 1200000.00 was collected as zakah and converted.On his last travels to India ,the Sheikh sadly passed away near this very land. After the burial proceedings, the land was transferred into the name of my wife to make things easy. The South African brothers objected. Later a trust was formed and 5 South Africans and 3 local people were made trustees of which I am not a part. For many months we asked for the money to be repatriated after a committee was formed in South Africa, unfortunately this never happened. The value of the money was eroded due to the exchange rate problem.Sadly the Sheikh’s son (who is also a Sheikh) has now decided that this land is no longer acceptable and they will look for a new piece of land.Is it permissible to use the money already collected for the purposes of building a madrasa, to be used to now acquire a new piece of land thus abandoning the entire original plan.

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Myself and my wife live in a western country. In a very heated argument with my wife (where physical violence was involved) between both of us and we both lost our cool and got very angry on one masala? I assaulted her physically and she could not control her anger and she assaulted me with a belt. I lost my temper when she assaulted me with a belt and I said to her that I will divorce you. She challenged me and said if you have guts, do it, and repeated the words say it. In anger I uttered the word talaq, talaq, talaq, without making any intention that I am giving three or one talaq but in anger I uttered the words thrice. Later on we took a fatwa and some of the scholars said divorce took place and some other scholars said divorce is only once not three? So we did ruju the same week and lived together and after passing on couple of years some difference started again and my wife was not listening to me when i went in to tabligh jamat. And I removed TV from home and stopped my wife moving out of the home without my permission, said to her to wear hijab and sent my son and daughters to madrasa for them to complete Hifz. When I started implementing the commandments of Allah and the sunnah of the beloved prophet PBUH she revolted against me and did Baghavat? Things became very worse between us where police was involved and one day without informing me she took off my wife left me and my four children abandoning us in western country and went back to her father place in India. She then said to me that she does not want to live with me and informed to her father that my husband has pronounced talaq on me two yrs ago and her father approached Jamia Nizamia HYD and they gave a fatwa stating that divorce happened. I do not know if her father informed full story about getting ruju after taking a fatwa two yrs ago. They then went to Qazi HYD and sent me talaqnama stating that divorce happened and send me the divorce certificate. My questions are: After getting ruju with me she used the same proceeding of two yrs ago can she do that? Since two years WHEN SHE LEFT ME AND MY CHILDREN I have not seen HER. I did not divorce her again after getting ruju with her nor she has taken a proper khula? Can she use the same divorce proceedings of two yrs ago after getting ruju with me? I am forwarding the fatwa taken at that time by a famous scholar sheikh Ahmed Kutty of Toranto Please do let me know if she is still considered as my wife or not.

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